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They say money makes the world go round. We make sure yours isn’t stopped by any legal roadblock, no matter which corner of the Earth it’s going to.


You can bank on our strategic, targeted and ever-evolving representation for your financial transactions. Our deep legal expertise in this domain is second only to our decade’s worth of experience in  structuring  and documentation related to project financing as well as external commercial borrowings and commercial banking deals. We constantly endeavour to offer effective solutions to all stakeholders in such transactions.

We also orchestrate timely cross-border transactions, in collaboration with different foreign counsels, by vetting the documents they draft under the relevant jurisdiction. When ANB Legal manages your financial deals, you know they will go through smoothly and right on time.

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We put you first
We thrive on your long-term goodwill rather than any short-term benefits.
We are problem-solvers
Problems excite and allow us to make ANB Legal the best we can be.
We dot our i's and cross our t's
We put more than 22 years of legal experience in our work.
We get the job done
You know it’s going to happen because we will make it happen.
We work better together
Each of us brings our individual expertise, methods and commitment to the table.

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