Succession Planning

We take stock of your long-term goals and think ahead of time to pass down your legacy. Because we understand it as a succession of generations, not as an end.


The delicate aspects of succession planning demand a law firm that oversees them with both logic and emotion. We, at ANB Legal, take the time to understand your history, specific requests and future prospects. Then we devote ourselves to delivering forward-looking solutions and structures, built keeping you in mind.

We propose lasting methods for managing individual or family assets and draft pertinent documents like wills, trust deeds and more customised to suit your needs. We also give residents, non-resident Indians and foreign nationals niche advice regarding their Indian and global assets and collaborate with numerous organisations that extend trusteeship services, as required.

Whether you need a business contract drafted or vetted, or need advice on stamp duty or registration processes for a residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural property–ANB Legal has built a tradition of trust.

What we do best

Working with us

We put you first
We thrive on your long-term goodwill rather than any short-term benefits.
We are problem-solvers
Problems excite and allow us to make ANB Legal the best we can be.
We dot our i's and cross our t's
We put more than 22 years of legal experience in our work.
We get the job done
You know it’s going to happen because we will make it happen.
We work better together
Each of us brings our individual expertise, methods and commitment to the table.