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While you are busy enhancing the modern landscape, you need cutting-edge legal backing to lay a strong foundation for your ambitions. Your search ends here. The ANB Legal team is a steadfast pillar in all infrastructural projects whether modelled on a public-private partnership or otherwise–from roads, ports and sewage treatment plants to renewable and non-renewable energy generating power plants and more.

We draw our expertise from our experience along with an intuitive understanding of the lay of the land to navigate through every phase of your infrastructure project and the ups and downs it comes with. This means we look after the drafting of detailed legal feasibility reports for setting up projects across India, the procurement, the framing of pre-bid queries and the documentation surrounding their submissions, and the assessment of risks involved. With routine revisions and upgrades, our solutions are built to last.

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We thrive on your long-term goodwill rather than any short-term benefits.
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Problems excite and allow us to make ANB Legal the best we can be.
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We put more than 22 years of legal experience in our work.
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Each of us brings our individual expertise, methods and commitment to the table.

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