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We live and breathe innovation. So if you need to keep the world’s greatest idea or data safe, we’ve got you covered.


Your ideas and data possess an underlying value which is worth protecting. That’s why we put everything we’ve got into pioneering fresh legal solutions to tricky intellectual property and data concerns so you have a competitive advantage in the domestic and international market. Whether you are blazing trails in Information Technology, Media and Advertising, Shipping and Infrastructure, or any other dynamic sectors – we understand the legal challenges of your industry and build focused services.

ANB Legal has extensive experience in designing customised, practical and durable protection strategies for ideas, data and businesses. We go one step further to facilitate local and international filings of any intellectual property right, prosecution, advisory, transactional and enforcement matters. If an infringement action or claim threatens your intellectual property rights, we also give you expertise-driven advice on the way forward.

We advise and help you create effective, practical and user-friendly Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions of Use, End User Licence Agreements, User E-consent and any other relevant fine prints for your web portals and apps, without compromising your interests.

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We put you first
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We are problem-solvers
Problems excite and allow us to make ANB Legal the best we can be.
We dot our i's and cross our t's
We put more than 22 years of legal experience in our work.
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You know it’s going to happen because we will make it happen.
We work better together
Each of us brings our individual expertise, methods and commitment to the table.

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