FSSAI (Labelling & Display) Regulations, 2018

Following are few of the proposed modifications to the FSSAI (Labelling & Display) Regulations:

  • Definition of ‘nutrient’ for declaring the nutritional information is provided;
  • The method of calculation of the nutrients is provided;
  • The symbol for declaring vegetarian food is proposed to be modified to a green triangle rather than the green circle;
  • All food material not meant for human consumption shall also bear a logo in the manner provided in the Regulations;
  • Date of manufacture or packaging and Expiry/Use by shall have to be declared on the label and expression “Best before” may be used as optional or additional information;
  • Date and time of manufacture shall have to be declared on packed meals served in airlines/railways/mobile catering units;
  • Format for per serve contribution of energy, total fat, trans fat, total sugar and salt, is provided;
  • The block(s) of nutrient(s) for “High Fat, Sugar and Salt” (HFSS) food shall be coloured ‘RED’;
  • The name of the food, veg/ non-veg declaration and the per serve contribution of energy, total fat, trans fat, total sugar and salt, shall be declared on the front of the pack.

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