The Law Firm With a Heart of Gold

Some time around October 2021 our hospital had a need for the services of a law firm to structure a partnership agreement. ANB Legal were recommended to us through a mutual contact. In our very first meeting it became absolutely clear to us that we had found a perfect fit. 

Payal and Shreni were the partners who worked on our matter. Their involvement went way beyond their duties as lawyers for a particular deal and they guided us on how to structure the deal in the best possible way. They were mindful of our cooperative structure, and ensured that all parameters were met so as not to transverse the rules. They not only suggested meaningful additions to our documentation, so as to make it legally proper and correct but also supported us in a totally unrelated matter with their expertise. They met with our board on several occasions to explain the intricacies of the proposed deal. 

These are lawyers who are exemplary in their work,  ethical in their approach and most importantly, have their hearts in the right place! Thank you dear Payal and Shreni and your team, for all the wonderful work you did for us, and all the times when you were there just to hold my hand through troubling times.